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Whether you're writing your first line of code, playing around with APIs, or building the next blockchain, Ethos is the place for you. We'll see you soon, this January, right here at IIT Guwahati.


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The spirit

— of ethos.



Write code, build websites, and create apps. This will be your chance to convert your ideas to reality.



Get an opportunity to connect and interact with the smartest minds across the country, and to meet industry leaders across a multitude of domains and expertise.



Anything is possible if there is a strong belief. Ethos will serve as the platform you need to showcase your talent and ideas to the world.

Contribution and Showing off

don't have to be different.

Along with the competition, at IIT Guwahati, you will get to explore the beautiful campus, connect with people from all over India, and attend talks by industry leaders.

Sponsors and Partners


A series of events that will take place during the competition.
Registrations 15th Dec to 22nd Dec 2022
Participants can register for the hackathon on Devfolio, and can start working on the problem statements. During this time, they can also form teams and choose the idea they wish to work on.
Round 1 Deadline 24th Dec
Participants are expected to submit their first round submissions on Devfolio, in the form of PPTs. The submissions will be evaluated by the judges and the top teams will be selected for the final round.
Round 1 Results 25th Dec
We will release the list of the shortlisted teams for the final round. These participants will be eligible to make the final code submissions.
Final Round 07th to 09th January 2023
This will be the final showdown where the hackers would compete against each other, developing the solutions they proposed, adding finishing touches and showing them to our judges.


All your questions answered!
What is the structure of hackathon?
The hackathon will have 2 rounds, the first one will be an online round, and the teams shortlisted from round 1 will come to IIT Guwahati for the finals, which will be a 48 hour competition.
What is the location of the hackathon?
The final round of the hackathon will be in IIT Guwahati.
What is the timeline of the hackathon?
Please refer to the timeline section for the exact timeline.
Will there be Travel Reimbursement?
Yet to be decided.
Will there be accommodation provided?
Yes, there will be paid accommodation provided for all the participants at a nominal fee.
What is the limit of team size?
One team will have a maximum of 4 members.
Can I be part of 2 teams?
What is the eligibility criteria?
Anyone over the age of 18 can participate in the hackathon. College Students, Graduates, everyone is welcome.
Can our team take part in multiple tracks?
No, one team can only register for one track. Every team is only allowed to register once.
Can we use any programming language?
Yes, any programming language can be used to create your product for the hackathon.
What is the deadline for applications?
Please refer to the timeline for the latest schedule.

“Hackathons are where your crazy idea becomes a reality” - Alex Kern

Ethos by us is a way for people all across India to take a crack at solving real-world problems. With problems from the government of Assam, you will get a chance to solve genuine issues faced in the North East.
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